Zesty Fish and vegetable rice!

Definately try this delicious dish from my husband’s blog. His fish and rice stir fry is out of this world! Give it a try and follow his new blog Les4Life!

Les' 4 Life!

Folks I have to tell you, I truly enjoy cooking! I also enjoy eating as well, haha, but how to find that line between healthy and hearty? Well this dish I feel really hits the proverbial spot! With a mixture of seasonings and spices this dish literally comes to life not in the pal. Of your hand, but In the center of your palate! It’s especially beneficial on those cold days, which I must say, we have seen a lot of lately! This dish crosses a multicultural spectrum, in that I’ve included varying styles in making it , Asian and Caribbean! You probably note that I do this alot, I have found that each region offers a cornucopia of mouth watering culinary delights and a wide variety of techniques to savor, so I thought why take the best of each world and add them into an end all dish? I…

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