Like a good Neighbor…

Just wanted to share a little something special with you guys today….mmm. We have some of the sweetest neighbors in our subdivision and some not so sweet, rather unpleasant as well but this post is not about them and so back to the story at hand. We share different religious beliefs and don’t participate in traditional holiday festivities although anytime is as good as any to be kind and loving to your neighbors. In that same spirit, our neighbors from three houses down customarily bring home baked treats to everyone in the neighborhood and we were no exception.

She is a little old lady that looks quite similar to the gingerbread man’s baker to tell you the truth! She brought cookies hot out the oven and they smelled heavenly! In every variety from chocolate chip, macadamia nut, oatmeal raisen and sugar cookie down to some extra special treats like fruit cake cookies and pecan brownie cookies and ‘boy oh boy’ were they sweet & sensational!

Perfect little cookie bundles of joy and great for dunking into cold milk for a moment indulging in memories from times past as a young child! Cookies & Milk always take me back to a time when it took so little to make us smile….something so simple as a cookie and a sweet old lady. Thank you neighbor!

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  1. Walter says:

    What delicious presentation! Although you didn’t prepare these cookies personally, you certainly made them come to life thru your photography. It is said that food photography is a skill of the gifted, however, make it seem so simple . How sweet of you to include your neighbors as well on your website it speaks volumes about your character. Hope you enjoy those neighborly cookies on this holiday.

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    1. kendracookseverything says:

      Yes! They were so sweet to think about us, little old us. Lol….i really had fun with this food presentation!


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